About Joy


After years of working as a Certified Health Coach with young children who were on the autistic spectrum and depressed adults, I needed to find a quick and easy replacement for the bone broth and other animal based foods that we no longer have easily available in our food supply. Those foods contain gelatin and collagen, which we all need to be healthy.  I looked and researched and rejected many that came my way. They just weren’t pure enough or the quality I needed.  THEN I FOUND TRUE LOVE!  I found a gorgeous pure, hypoallergenic marine collagen.
I took it, gave it to family members, clients and friends.  Woweee!! They called it “Magic  Powder”.  It was helping so many things that I could hardly believe it.  Truly magical.  It worked its magic on me too! Shore Magic® Premium Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein Powder was born.
I knew no one would be as passionate about this product as I am. It was up to me. Everyone needs this product!  I needed to get this out in the world in a big way that would make people notice and want to take it. I didn’t stop there, I created new and innovative ways to include my magical powder in other products.
A new generation of wellness is about to take hold. Generation Joy begins its journey. Welcome Aboard! Experience YOUR magic!
Joy Harari
CEO Generation Joy