Why is Shore Magic® Collagen The Best on the Market Today?

Shore Magic® Is One Pure Ingredient.  Most Collagen Products On The Market Have Many Added Ingredients Like Glucosamine, Gingko Biloba, Vitamins, and Other Synthetic Ingredients.  These Additives Could Be Dangerous For Example If Someone Is On A Blood Thinner And Uses Gingko It Is Contraindicated As Gingko Is Also A Blood Thinner. 

  • Shore Magic® Is Pharmacopeia Grade.
  • Shore Magic® Is Packaged In A Pharmaceutical Company.
  • Shore Magic® Is Certified Kosher
  • Shore Magic® Is GMO Free
  • Shore Magic® Is Halal
  • Shore Magic® Is GMP
  • Shore Magic® Is 3rd Party Certified Hypoallergenic.
  • Shore Magic® Is Tasteless And Odorless.
  • Shore Magic® Is A Premium Luxury Collagen.
  • Shore Magic® Exceeds All Market Standards of the U.S. And Europe In Its Production And Performance.

Every Batch of Shore Magic is 3rd Party certified Pure. Twice. Once in the factory and once in the Packaging plant.

The Weight Of Our Collagens Molecule Is 3,000 Dalton. The Weight Of The Average Collagen On The Market Is 45,000 Dalton. Our Molecules Are Markedly Smaller Which Makes Shore Magic® That Much More Absorbent and Bio-Available.

Shore Magic® Is Derived From North Atlantic Fish Skins. This is the Purest Foundational Material as Opposed to Bovine, Porcine, and Fish Scales.

Fish-derived collagen is globally the preferred choice for collagen due to dietary, lifestyle or religious preferences for marine products over beef, pork and chicken. Shore Magic® is all-natural, odorless, colorless and tasteless for an extremely high degree of purity compared to other forms of collagen. Because Shore Magic® Collagen is extracted from fish, it is free from bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), foot-and-mouth disease and bird virus.

No Other Collagen Is Processed As Purely As Shore Magic®.  Every Step Of The Manufacturing Process Is Handled With Kid Gloves.  That Is Why Our Customers Who Have Tried Other Collagen Products Do Not See The Same Results As They Get From Shore Magic®.

Collagen Is Regarded By The FDA as GRAS(Generally Regarded As Safe). Because Collagen Is A Substance That Is Not Certifiable By The FDA You Want To Make Sure The One You Take Is The Purest On The Market Today Like Shore Magic®.

Shore Magic® Comes In A Variety Of Packages.  Convenience Capsules For Travel & Everyday Use, 300gram, 1200gram, and Our Patented Travel Tube With 10 Pods In An Embroidered Organza Bag.

Our 1 Month Jar And Our 4-month Jar Come With Our Exclusive Fold Up Gold Spoon. It Rests On Top So You Never Need To Dig Though The Powder To Find The Scooper Like With Other Protein Powders.